Garden Maintenance & Preparation Tips For Winter Gardening

Gardening Services for the North Shore

Generally, winter gardening can be broken into two categories: garden maintenance and preparation for the planting season. If you are looking for gardening services along the North Shore, our team at Sydney Garden Maintenance & Landscaping is a great choice. Not only do we customise and personalise our landscaping solutions, but we have a wealth of expertise to rely on to create the best possible offering for your needs.

Garden Maintenance That Should Be Tackled During Winter

When your garden is mostly bare and the leaves have fallen, you gain the advantage of being able to see into the infrastructure of your hedges and garden. It is also an optimal time to remove any unwanted plants since there is less vegetation to tackle.

Since this is a period of stillness in the garden, plant regeneration is key. Pruning encourages the growth of fresh shoots to come spring and prevents unwanted and unnecessary deterioration or unsightly thickened growth. Doing your pruning during the winter months also means that you do not disturb nesting birds or threaten young chicks/eggs. Your gardener will know the timing of when certain plants should be pruned for optimal results and future growth.

Another important maintenance task is tidying and garden hygiene. Weeding, decomposing leaf removal, and the clearing of fallen debris are very much-needed tasks in a winter garden. Now is also the time for any landscape repairs or major construction.

Preparation For The Seasons To Come

Not all plants need to wait for spring. You can start planting dormant plants (such as roses which can be provided simply as bare roots at this stage) or nurture the bulbs planted in late autumn. Lawn seed can be sown now as well since a fairly moderate or mild winter does not stop its growth, but it can also be resurfaced in any bumpy patches. More than this, now is the perfect time for soil preparation, the digging of new beds, and the preparations needed before seedling and spring planting stages.

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