Wondering Which Residential Garden Maintenance Services You Need? Here Are The Top 6 Choices In The Northern Beaches!

Which Residential Garden Maintenance Services You Need?

Knowing that your garden needs some professional TLC is one thing. Knowing which residential garden maintenance services to choose is quite another!

Professional landscapers offer a variety of garden maintenance services, some of which you may not need right now. Others, however, could be essential to the health and longevity of the garden you’ve put so much time and money into.

To help you make your decision, here are the top six choices from residents in the Northern Beaches!

#1 Lawn Maintenance

Sydney’s harsh weather conditions make keeping a healthy, lush lawn particularly difficult. Your lawn will need a significant amount of watering during our scorching summers. Residential lawn maintenance services can help through regular watering regimes or by installing an automated sprinkler system.

Lawn mowing services are also incredibly helpful, giving you time to relax while the professional landscapers adjust mowing heights to cut your grass at different lengths depending on the seasons.

Any drainage issues can also be attended to, using specialised aeration tools to perforate the ground and allow more nutrients, water, and oxygen to reach the roots and strengthen them.

#2 Hedge Trimming

This is essential for functional and fashionable reasons. By hiring landscapers who are experienced with landscape design, you can have your hedges cleaned up and even reshaped artistically to improve the overall look of your garden.

This time-consuming service is also practical, as it encourages regrowth, which in turn stimulates your hedges to grow thicker and healthier. It will also ensure any walkways or entries are unobstructed.

#3 Pruning

Pruning your trees, shrubs, and bushes is also a pretty, yet practical service to use. It neatens them up, creating a less messy or unkempt look. However, it also prevents pathways from being blocked, foreheads from being hurt, dead branches from falling, windows from breaking, and vehicles from being damaged.

The most important reason for trimming these plants though is because it removes dead or dying branches, allowing your plants to focus their energy on healthy regrowth.

#4 Garden Refuse Removal

This may not be essential, but it’s definitely the lifeline that hardworking homeowners need! With chaotic schedules and multiple responsibilities, finding the time to clean up after garden maintenance and remove the refuse isn’t an option.

By using residential garden maintenance services, you won’t have to worry. The landscapers will be able to reuse nutrient-rich cuttings for mulching, which preserves the moisture in your soil, suppresses weeds, and releases nutrients as it decomposes.

The rest of the refuse will be completely removed and disposed of in the correct way and place.

#5 Weed Removal

One or two weeds can be handled yourself. However, if the weeds in your garden have run wild, residential garden maintenance services are the answer.

Weeds are incredibly nutrient-hungry, and will suck up all of the nitrogen, potassium, and other nutrients directly from the ground – leaving your plants without it!

Buying the wrong herbicide or misapplying it can be disastrous for your lawn and the surrounding plants. Landscapers have access to a range of safe herbicides designed specifically for this purpose, as well as specialised techniques and tools, to address this problem safely and efficiently.

#6 Hardscape Maintenance

Many homeowners tend to neglect their hardscapes, focusing only on what’s living in their garden. But, your hardscapes need attention too and professional landscapers know this.

Using high-pressure equipment and natural cleaning solutions, they will transform degraded or neglected hardscapes. This immaculate look will complement your newly maintained garden, while also increasing the value of your home.

And when it comes to safety, this service is essential. Grease and transmission fluids from cars can result in slips and accidents, and uneven pavers are trip-hazards.

Now that you know which residential garden maintenance services are most needed in the Northern Beaches, you can easily identify which ones you garden needs now.

However, if you need some help identifying your garden’s needs, book a consultation with Sydney Garden Maintenance & Landscaping!

Our landscapers are incredibly in tune with the microclimate in the Northern Beaches, making it easy to diagnose your garden’s problems and recommend the right remedies. They will work with you to create a custom maintenance plan that suits you and the seasons.

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