What’s Involved In Strata Garden Maintenance?

What’s Involved In Strata Garden Maintenance?

If you own or manage apartments, buildings that have different levels (strata), or residential estates with shared gardens – regular strata garden maintenance is an essential responsibility!

Not only is it required by legislation, but it’s also vital for the value of your property and the happiness of those living within it.

The best part? This prevents future, more expensive problems from compounding over time!

But, what is involved in strata garden maintenance? Let’s find out.

Garden TLC

Pruning And Reshaping:

From trees to shrubs and hedges, this is crucial for practical and pretty reasons.

Not only will this service keep these plants looking pristine, but it will also keep them happy and healthy for years to come (reducing the need for remedies).

Some design-savvy landscapers can get creative, offering artistic hedges and features for your pleasure.

Furthermore, it’s essential for safety reasons. It prevents pathways from being blocked, cars from being scratched, toms from peeping, and foreheads from being smacked!

Flowering Plants And Feeding:

Second impressions are scarce, so you need to make first impressions that count!

Landscaping services can help by picking and planting gorgeous flowering plants and feature foliage when areas become barren.

Their knowledge of the local land and weather conditions means that your residents will enjoy stunning plants that stand the test of our scorching summers and dreaded droughts!

They’ll also ensure that your soil is nutrient-rich to keep these flowers flourishing all year round, supplementing with fertilisers when needed.

Lush Lawns

The biggest and most time-consuming maintenance job is keeping a well-kept lawn – unless you make use of strata garden maintenance services.

From weeding to fertilising, reseeding, pest control, mowing, and more, they have the expertise needed for swift, strategic, and stunning lawn services.

They will work with you to create a custom, strategic lawn maintenance schedule that suits you, your residents, and the seasons.

Expect more lawn maintenance in spring and autumn, as your lawn will experience faster growth. During winter months, your lawn will become more laid back – as will your maintenance regime.

Miracle Mulching

Mulching is a must for any strata garden maintenance regime!

By using mulch made from garden compost, chippings, and manure, they ensure:

  • Soil moisture is maintained through summer
  • Fertility is improved
  • Weed growth is reduced
  • Your garden looks lush

This mulch will decompose over time, letting the nutrients it holds seep into your soil to feed your flora. This decreases the need for supplemental fertilising (and associated costs)!

As Sydney’s leading strata garden maintenance specialists, you can expect all of the above and much, much more from Sydney Garden Maintenance & Landscaping.

Contact us today to cultivate a garden you will proudly show off to prospects!