What Can Garden Service On North Shore Offer You?

Garden Service on North Shore

Professionally catered garden services on the North Shore are a wonderful way to let your outside space flourish even when you cannot give it your full attention. As a stunning part of your home that can often be forgotten or left to its own devices, when you have an expert hand on the ground you can enjoy a lush, growing space. Read on to see exactly why you need an expert at your home.

Clean Up Lawn

To greatly increase the chances of having a beautiful lawn in the summertime, you need to be sure to give it a decadent amount of love in spring. What is most needed is a cleaning and rejuvenation that can urge new growth and increase the root system of the grass. This part of the process and upkeep mainly focuses on maintenance activities with a rake, cleaning up all the dead grass, leaves, stalks, perennials, pine cones, branches, and whatever else winter has brought into the space. Keeping the lawn clear of buildup is key to the longevity and health of the area.

Prepare Planting Beds

A professional can also ensure that all your beds are correctly prepped and placed so that planting can take place. Whether rejuvenating an existing bed or creating new ones, the health of the bed has a massive impact on what will grow in it. If you are preparing an established perennial bed that enjoyed previous success, the first step is to clear the way for new growth by removing any weeds. Then we must mix in some additional compost around the space to add nutrients to the soil and give it the requirements plants need for root formation. If the goal is to build brand new planting beds, they then must be prepared and developed in order to maintain the plants. With knowledge and insight into the correct and most successful methods, this is where a professional hand really comes in use.

Plant Selection And Application 

When working outside in the dirt, it is often found that most people opt for what they want to grow rather than what can actually grow. Many see small fruit or low bearing trees and never understand why. With understanding of your environment, sun placement and a whole range of other factors, a trusted expert can show you whether to plant, what to plant and how to get the most out of our outdoor space throughout the year.

Monitor Weeds For Control

Rather than waiting for weeds to emerge, get ahead of the game and start controlling them before they take over. Additionally, any weeds that are visible in the spring are sure to multiply and lead to even more maintenance further down the line.

When you are looking for garden services in the North Shore, be sure to get a trusted professional that can bring your space to life. While you may not have time to give your outdoor area the love it needs, we can be sure to do it for you, designing the space you want to enjoy. Contact us today to find out more about this!