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Professional and Affordable Tree Cutting Services in Sydney

Have you been trying to take care of that tree in your yard for years, but it now seems like the roots are just getting bigger and more tangled? Then you are not alone. Many people try to maintain their trees, but eventually, they realise that they need professional help.

At Sydney Garden Maintenance and Landscaping, our qualified arborists and tree removal specialists offer tree cutting services across the North Shore and Northern Beaches of Sydney. We are not just experts in tree removal, but we service all areas of tree care that you might need help with.

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Why Do You Need Tree Removal Services

Trees are a beautiful part of nature, but sometimes they become a nuisance or a danger. Such trees need immediate removal as they are not only an eyesore but can also lead to severe injuries and property damage.

If you notice any of the following signs in one of your trees, know that it’s time for hiring a tree removal expert from Sydney Garden Maintenance and Landscaping.

Sometimes, even healthy trees need to be removed for construction purposes, or if they are causing damage to your underground pipes, walls, or pavements. Being the trusted tree removal company in Sydney, we’ll remove your tree quickly and efficiently, so you can enjoy your property without worrying about the potential dangers it might cause.

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Our Process of Tree Removal in North Sydney and Nearby Suburbs

Tree removal is a dangerous and complex process that should only be undertaken by trained professionals. With extensive training and years of experience working with different types of trees, our team in Sydney has developed an effective tree removal strategy, adaptable for all circumstances, however hard they may be. From tree stump remover and loppers to hand saws, pruners, axes, wedges, and chainsaws – utilise all the latest equipment to safely remove a tree from your premises, without causing any disruptions to the surrounding environment.

Our team normally consists of 4 tree removal experts, including 2 climbers and 2 members of ground staff. It usually takes us about 2 hours to complete the entire tree and stump removal procedure.

  1. We conduct a detailed site inspection, where we carefully examine the tree, and identify any obstacles or potential safety hazards, so we can devise a suitable tree removal plan beforehand.
  2. We start by clearing the area, leaving enough space around the tree to dismantle large branches.
  3. Then we place the required equipment to start cutting the tree.
  4. Our climber starts dismantling the tree, passing the segments to the ground staff.
  5. After successfully removing all the branches, the climber descends to the ground, so they can start removing the trunk.
  6. We either cut the trunk in small sections, or if there is adequate room, we fell the trunk to the ground using a chainsaw, while making sure no other plants, trees or valuables are damaged during the process.
  7. Once everything is lowered to the ground, we transport the waste from your property, perform a thorough cleaning and leave your property in a much better shape than before.

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Other Tree Services that We Provide

Apart from tree removal services in Sydney, we also provide a range of essential tree services for domestic, commercial and strata properties.

Tree Root and Stump Removal

Stump grinding is often used in conjunction with tree removal in order to completely remove the tree from your property. As part of our expert tree removal solutions, we can also remove tree roots and stumps using our specialised stump grinders, restoring your yard back to its original shape.

Tree Lopping Services

Tree lopping is the process of cutting away large branches from a tree. It is often used to reduce the size of an overgrown tree or to remove dangerous, diseased, or unsightly branches. As part of our extensive tree care services, we can lop the diseased or unwanted branches of your tree, preventing the disease from spreading to the entire tree.

Tree Trimming Sydney

Our tree trimming experts can carefully trim the trees to remove dead, overweight or problem-causing branches. This not only helps in shedding extra weight from your tree and bringing it to your desired appearance, but also aids in its healthy growth.

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