Specialist Tips For Planning A Landscape Design For Your Residential Property

Specialist Tips For Planning A Landscape Design For Your Residential Property

Creating your own personal paradise right in your backyard is exhilarating! From picking plants to creating chill-worthy outdoor spaces, it’s exciting for anyone – green thumb or not.

But, it’s important to pace yourself before diving in headfirst. There’s a lot to consider before you craft a landscape design for your residential property.

And it starts with proper planning before planting!

To help you prepare properly, our specialists have three strategic tips.

#1 Learn The Lay Of Your Land

Landscape design may sound simple, but it’s the science of working with your landscape to cultivate a lush, thriving garden.

You’ll need to understand your climate, topography, and soil type. These elements combined will create a microclimate exclusive to your garden – one where some plants will thrive, and others will die.

Keeping it simple, these microclimates are defined by the amount of sun or shade experienced, and for how long. Think full sun, partial sun, shade, and deep shade.

Keep this in mind when pondering which plants you’d like to include.

Pro tip: your typography will influence how water drains on your landscape. Think about how you can use plants and soil to direct water away from your home and into target garden areas.

#2 Planting For Purpose

When it comes to plants, you need to think about fashion and function.

Build Barriers:

You can use dense, tall plants to create barriers and boundaries within and around the edges of your landscape.

They can define your property, hide unsightly views, and prevent access to areas! With low growing, dense shrubbery and bushes, you can have all of the above and a view that you choose.

Change Conditions:

Strategic planting can also alter your landscape to your advantage. From temperature to sun exposure, wind, and weed growth, you can work with nature to control it!

Plant-made barriers can act as sound barriers too, strategically placed trees can create shade where needed, and hardy shrubbery and trees can withstand wind for those that can’t.

The best part? You can get as creative as you want.

#3 Focus On The Future

Don’t plant for today, plant for tomorrow! The passage of time will change your landscape, and you need to prepare for this now.

When picking plants, consider their

  • Growth rates
  • Maintenance needs
  • Mature size

You’ll need to ensure that each plant has enough room to reach maturity without impacting neighbouring foliage.

Planning the landscape design for your residential property is no walk in the park! After years of conceptualising and creating personal paradises, no concept is too big, small, or out-of-the-box for us at Sydney Garden Maintenance & Landscaping.

Whether you need advice or complete residential landscape design services, call us!