The Do’s And Don’ts Of Garden Maintenance Across Sydney’s Seasons

The Do's And Don'ts Of Garden Maintenance Across Sydney’s Seasons

Although Sydney’s hot summers and wet autumns and winters are ideal for many plant species, its unique climate fosters the need for regular garden maintenance in Sydney regimes. Whether a first time gardener or a vegetation veteran, the plethora of maintenance tasks leave much room for making mistakes.

Luckily, our landscapers are here to help! We have compiled a list of maintenance do’s and don’ts to help you cultivate a garden that flourishes across the seasons.


The Do’s:

When it comes to sowing seeds, spring is ideal. It gives you enough time to properly prep your soil and beds while giving your plants a long season to grow, mature, bloom, and seed before the winter chill. Sow hardy annuals, perennials, and vegetables outside, keeping more delicate plants, like tomatoes and aubergines, indoors for now.

Spring is also the ideal time to prune certain plants. Prune roses before new growth to strengthen it and produce larger blooms. Evergreen shrubs should be cut back too, helping their bases grow.

Springtime is mulching time – it retains soil moisture as temperatures rise, suppresses weed growth, and protects your soil from erosion.

The Don’ts:

Don’t apply too thick a layer of mulch or your seedlings will struggle to breach the surface. A layer that is around 10 centimetres in thickness works well, but should not touch the crown of your plants.

Although your lawn may be long and lush, avoid mowing too soon. Unless it’s particularly unruly, it should be cut at a third of the height of your blades at most. Otherwise, you risk stressing the grass out and shortening their root span.


The Do’s:

Do try to fertilise your lawn early on in Summer to help it withstand Sydney’s scorching temperatures and potential droughts. After mowing, leave the clippings on your lawn as they release essential stored nutrients into the soil during decomposition. This is also the ideal time to pull weeds while still seeding before they cause trouble.

Prune spring-flowering shrubs, remove withering flowers, and cut down herbaceous perennials to foster new flower growth.

The Don’ts:

Again, avoid mowing your lawn too short. Longer lawns are more protected from harsh sunlight and have deeper roots to access nutrients and water.

Don’t water your garden while the sun is high and blazing, as the water will evaporate faster than it will be absorbed. Rather water your garden in the evening when temperatures are cooler.


The Do’s:

Do plant any bulbs (root end down) that will bloom in spring, as this gives them the time they need to mature fully. Autumn is also the perfect time to plant trees, as they have time to grow and strengthen before Sydney’s scorching summers.

You should also aerate your soil to increase the flow of water, oxygen, and nutrients to hungry root systems. The same should be done to any compacted patches of lawn that have suffered a lot of traffic.

The Don’ts:

Don’t forget to take note of the mature size of certain trees, as they could damage your home if planted too close. You should also avoid planting trees and shrubs over septic systems or known plumbing networks, as their roots will grow into them and cause problems.


The Do’s:

Although garden maintenance is less frequent in winter, it’s still necessary. Plant vegetables that can handle winter temperatures, such as broccoli, turnips, and onions.

You can also mulch during this time to maintain the health and fertility of your soil and prevent invasive weeds.

The Don’ts:

Don’t worry about fertilising your lawn – without much growth going on, extra nutrition is a waste of money and time.

You should also avoid pruning flowering plants that bloom late winter or early spring, as you could stunt their growth and flowering.

Keeping up with regular garden maintenance is a labour and time-intensive task. That’s where Sydney Garden Maintenance & Landscaping comes in!

Our landscapers will create a custom maintenance regime based on the seasons, your garden’s unique needs, and your schedule. Our maintenance services range from lawn mowing to fertilising, weed removal, pruning and seasonal care, refuse removal, and beyond.

Contact us for garden maintenance services specific to Sydney’s climate!