The 6 Don’ts Of Residential Landscape Design

What to Avoid for Residential Landscape Design

Designing your very own personal paradise is not as simple as picking your preferred plants!

A lot of thought goes into it. That’s why professional landscapers go through thorough training, qualification, and on-the-job experience before delving into landscape design.

Without such insights and experience, it’s easy to unknowingly make costly mistakes!

Our landscapers have seen and saved it all, prompting them to help educate the public on the do’s and don’ts of residential landscape design and construction.

To help you design a practical, yet pretty, landscape, here are six common residential landscape design mistakes to avoid!

#1 Not Planning Ahead

Without a well-thought-out plan, your residential landscape design project will be difficult.

You need to know precisely what you plan on putting in, taking out, and reinventing before you make any permanent decisions. Image the costs of laying pavers over utility lines, then realising you need them for your outdoor kitchen?

Take note of everything you want, what it will take to complete each step, and how each step affects the other. Sequence it out in a logical manner.

#2 Picking The Wrong Plants

Wrong plant, wrong place – a common problem our landscapers encounter.

Plants are like humans; they have different needs and are accustomed to the environment in which they were born. You need to know and consider the space, sun, and soil requirements for each before planting.

If you plant full-sun shrubs under a large tree, it’s unlikely that they’ll get the sun they need to survive, let alone thrive. If you choose a plant that flourishes on the coast, you may have trouble keeping it alive inland.

Pro tips: Group your plants according to their watering and sunlight needs. Pick native plants or those from similar environments. Feeling like a fish out of water? Call our experts.

#3 Disregarding Drainage

Whether due to irrigation or the weather, you need to know exactly where water will go and how to help it get there fast.

Standing water can easily result in rotting plants and incredibly destructive soil erosion and flooding problems.

This is where strategy is essential. You’ll need to have a good understanding of your landscape’s grading and contour, as this will affect its drainage abilities.

You may need to consider constructing and installing retaining walls, catch basins, specific plant arrangements, or permeable pavers. Chat to our landscapers for advice!

#4 Too Much Variety

Using a plethora of different plant types is a good way to add contrast, pops of colour, and visual interest to your landscape’s design. But don’t go crazy!

You want a garden, not a nursery (I think). Otherwise, the maintenance and costs involved can be huge. It will also begin to look too busy and cluttered.

Try to incorporate diversity into your landscape while still keeping it consistent. Choose one or two focal points in each section and let the rest of the foliage flow from them.

#5 Forgetting About Foot Traffic

Residential landscapes are prone to a lot of playing, lounging, gardening, and wandering. And this needs to be reflected in its design!

As people walk through your garden, your design should direct their flow naturally – and away from your plants.

Make sure that your design includes paths that weave through your landscape, protecting plants and directing visitors to your main areas.

You can even use lights, shrubs, hedges, or low walls to keep them off the grass and on your hardscapes.

#6 Not Asking For Help

Residential landscape design is costly when you don’t know what you’re doing. And, right now, it’s unlikely that you have thousands to spare on trial-and-error.

If you’re unfamiliar with plant types and needs, or how to incorporate hardscapes to complement your design, it’s important to ask for help.

Whether for complete residential landscape design and construction services or just simple advice, reach out to experienced landscapers like Sydney Garden Maintenance & Landscaping.

Our landscapers offer a wealth of knowledge from years of experience transforming outdoor spaces. Their passion for plants and people drives them to create harmony between plant species while reflecting your personal taste.

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