The 3 Most Essential Gardening Services For Summer

The 3 Most Essential Gardening Services For Summer

With restrictions easing, infections lessening, and summer well underway, I can tentatively say that this season looks like it’s going to be an amazing one! However, I doubt your garden feels the same way. Summer, especially in Australia, is particularly stressful for your garden thanks to our dry winds, soaring temperatures, and seemingly never-ending days.

Luckily, professional landscapers have a range of gardening services designed to support and nourish your yard to help it flourish through summer. It’s important to know which services are needed in summer to avoid wasting money or disrupting the natural order of things. Our landscapers have listed the three most vital gardening services for summer to help!

#1 Lawn Maintenance

Professional landscapers will craft a customised lawn maintenance schedule to keep your grass growing healthily despite the harsh sun rays and temperatures. This will involve fertilising your lawn to support growth and keep it lush, as well as weeding and watering (if they haven’t already installed a sprinkler system to do it for you). They will also mow your lawn regularly to prevent overgrowth. Importantly, however, they will not manicure your lawn by cutting it short, even if that’s what you prefer. Mowing your lawn too short will stress it out and reduce the amount of protection it has from the glaring sun.

#2 Plant Pruning

Like lawn maintenance, this gardening service also keeps your plants looking neat and tidy and encourages growth without causing too much stress in summer. Landscapers will lightly prune your plants; trimming hedges, shaping topiaries, and removing the lower branches of trees and shrubs. This is also especially important where vehicles and footpaths are concerned, as stray branches can be trip hazards and damage cars. They will also care for your flowerbeds, removing any deteriorating flower heads to promote flourishing throughout the season and adding fertilisers too.

#3 Soil Mulching

It’s gardening services like these that make a serious difference. Our landscapers are masters of mulch for this very reason! By using organic materials like wood chips, grass clippings, and leaves, they can protect and nourish your plants. This process is called mulching, and it holds notable benefits for your garden. Mulching your soil keeps it cool, slows water evaporation, and prevents fertilisers from being washed away by rain. It also acts as a protective layer by preventing soil erosion from the elements and prevents invasive weeds from growing. We use a special mixture of mulch to not only offer this support during summer but also release incredibly beneficial nutrients into the soil for your plants as it decomposes.

Now that you know which gardening services your garden needs to stay green, vibrant, and healthy, get in touch with us at Sydney Garden Maintenance & Landscapers!

We’re more than gardeners; we have a deep passion for plants and people. Our mission is to help Sydney’s residents bring life and biodiversity into their gardens through affordable gardening services, sharing our knowledge and recommendations where possible.

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