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What Is Strata Garden Maintenance?

Strata garden maintenance in Sydney is basically general garden services but on a much larger scale done at properties such as schools, retirement villages and industrial properties. Large gardens are very challenging to maintain and it’s essential to use a professional strata garden service to ensure that your outdoor areas flourish and are well-maintained.

Not every garden service can handle large-scale garden projects and maintenance, but at Sydney Garden Maintenance & Landscaping we have vast experience and a large workman force to produce top-quality strata garden maintenance and create sustainable, healthy and appealing garden settings.

Our Strata Gardening Services

Our strata landscapers are equipped with all the right tools and knowledge to handle strata garden maintenance and landscaping. Our services, which are offered to strata properties no matter their size, include

Whatever your strata garden needs may be, feel free to speak to our friendly and professional team who will discuss what services you need and how we can assist you further.

Practical And Pleasing Garden Maintenance

Our aim is to provide a hassle-free garden service to strata properties which beautifies your natural setting, keeps grounds neat and tidy, and provides a safe outdoor area for a range of activities.

Our experts are able to offer sound advice when it comes to garden design and maintenance and are able to offer you valuable insight. With our professional services, we can truly transform your outdoor space.

Servicing Strata Gardens Sydney and Surrounding Areas

At SGM, we have been servicing the Sydney and North Shore area with strata garden maintenance services for years, and have built up a number of happy clients.

Our extensive experience in the Sydney area has given us insight into the natural flora and what it takes to get a natural setting thriving in the extreme North Shore weather conditions.

Sydney Garden Maintenance & Landscaping offers Sydney and the North Shore strata garden management services. Contact us to receive a quote for your property!


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