The Values Of Installing Natural Turf At Your Residential Property

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Water usage has been a major topic of concern across Australia and the world – especially for those considering investing in artificial turf installations. But, this costly synthetic solution can hurt rather than help our environment! In fact, there are many drawbacks, such as:

      • Highly expensive
      • High surface heat
      • Non-biodegradable
      • Strong rubber smell
      • Contains known allergen latex
      • Can’t absorb stormwater runoff
      • Need disinfecting

Although it may seem like a quick fix, natural turf lawns are always a better option for your home and our environment. It may take more effort, but professional residential landscapers can easily find water-wise solutions.

Natural turf installations are the sustainable choice our planet needs. It offers many benefits, both for you personally and our planet. Here’s what you will enjoy.

Purified Air

Turf, like all live grasses, uses energy from the sun to make food through a process called ‘photosynthesis’. It converts water and carbon dioxide (CO.2) from the air into carbohydrates for fuel, with oxygen as a by-product. This way, healthy live turf lawns produce purified, oxygenated air and reduce the greenhouse effect by absorbing CO.2.

Live turf also traps debris, preventing it from being released into the atmosphere. Have you seen grass clippings on lawns in your neighbourhood? There’s a reason for that. Grass clippings can increase the intake of CO.2!

Natural Air Conditioning

Did you know that natural turf grass cools itself and its surroundings? Well, after installation, it can actually reduce your residential cooling needs, increasing energy efficiency and reducing energy bills!

Remember the photosynthesis process we mentioned? Well, during this process, turf grass absorbs the sun’s heat during the day, releasing it in the evening to ensure moderate temperatures. Why do you think you enjoy chilling on the lawn on hot days?

Erosion And Soil Control

Live turf allows water to seep into the soil, preventing runoff that transports debris and sediments into drainage systems and waterways. It’s the middleman between water from rainfall or irrigation and the soil – without it, fertile soil would get washed away. With a well-kept lawn, the soil is stabilised and erosion is reduced significantly.

Now that you’ve seen the evidence and value that live turf has for you and your environment, you’re very likely rethinking artificial lawns, right? You won’t regret investing in natural residential turf installations!

At Sydney Garden Maintenance & Landscaping, we’ve redone countless costly artificial lawns to know what works and what doesn’t. With our passion for plants, we do everything to ensure our planet and your landscape are healthy and happy.

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