Lawn Care Pro Tips: Lush Lawn Secrets And Garden Attachments You Need

Lawn Care Pro Tips & Garden Attachments You Need

Having a happy, healthy lawn is more important than you know. It contributes to:

  • Cooling your home
  • Protecting our planet
  • Reducing the rate of erosion
  • Increasing your home’s value

Keeping your lawn this way is even harder – especially considering our scorching summers, water restrictions, and damaging droughts!

Our lawn specialists have some insightful residential lawn care tips that will help. Here are their best-kept secrets for a well-kept lawn!

Specialist Secrets For A Lush Lawn

#1 Keep It Long

Cut at the highest setting your mower permits all year round.

Although regular mowing is a must, don’t shave your lawn down! A sparse lawn is a weak lawn, giving ample space for weeds to move in.

This also weakens the root system, making it more likely that your lawn will succumb to scorching summers and pesky pests!

#2 Keep The Clippings

The term’ garden waste’ is quite misleading. What is a waste is discarding this organic debris.

Cutting your lawn and leaving the clippings there is called ‘chop and drop’ composting. Over time, the clippings decompose into mulch, and their nutrients are absorbed into your grass.

The result? Nutrient-rich soil and less need for fertilisers!

For a neat lawn, move these clippings into your compost bin.

#3 Keep Off The Grass

Unfortunately, for almost every lawn, this isn’t possible – lawns are there to lounge, play, and walk on.

But, the more foot traffic you have, the more compact your soil becomes. This smothers the air pockets that keep beneficial microorganisms alive and allow water to reach roots!

To combat compaction, you’ll need to aerate your soil in spring and autumn.

Pro tip: if you don’t have a mechanical aerator, use a fork to break up soil compaction!

Speaking of lawn care attachments, here are our specialists’ top tools for maintaining a lush lawn.

Garden Attachments 

Lawn Aerators:

You know this one!

Although used to loosen compacted soil in high traffic areas, these tools are especially useful for clay-based lawns that need to have Gypsum applied regularly.

Combination Meters Or Testers:

Combination meters will tell you precisely how much sun and moisture your lawn is getting, as well as the pH level of your soil.

Using this meter as a guide, you can nurture a truly lush lawn!

With our pro tips and tools, you’ll enjoy a lawn that has your neighbours green with envy. But, it takes time and energy to achieve!

Where time is scarce, we step in. At Sydney Garden Maintenance & Landscaping, our team of specialists will keep your lawn happy and healthy all year round, while you focus on you.

Whether you need residential lawn care,  maintenance, installations, or simple advice; call us today!