Residential Landscape Design And Construction: Trends For 2020 And Beyond!

Residential Landscape Design And Construction

As summer blossoms and the chaos of 2020 calms, we find ourselves seeking solace in nature and our outdoor spaces. For many residents, the time has come to transform their landscapes into flourishing summer sanctuaries for relaxation and recreation.

However, residential landscape design and construction is no simple task. You need to think strategically, as well as aesthetically. Luckily, our expert residential landscapers have compiled the top trends of 2020 to get your creative juices flowing – trends they anticipate to last well into the future.

Environmentally Conscious Construction

Although a familiar concept in landscaping endeavours, sustainable design and construction has become the universal hegemony across industries in 2020. However, this global shift towards extreme eco-consciousness has led to outdated designs in residential landscaping being ousted by fresh, more natural trends.

Surprisingly, one of the more notable natural trends is foregoing lawns for native and pollinating plants. Save for being water-hungry; lawns also require regular mowing, which is not only time-intensive but produces pollution too. By replacing your grass with native, water-conscious plant species and flowers whose pollen invites birds, insects, and thus wildlife back into your garden.

Turning Outdoor Spaces Into Oases

The turmoil of 2020 has led to socially-starved people seeking closeness and intimate gatherings. This is evident in the latest trend of creating inviting, chill-worthy outdoor spaces to enjoy with friends and family – a cunning way to increase your home’s resale value too!

Our residential landscapers have been busy with project after project involving marrying indoor living areas with outdoor spaces, bringing living elements outside. Think fire pits, patios, dining spaces, and outdoor kitchens! You could even add a magical ambience with vine-covered pergolas and illuminating landscape lighting.

Mixing Things Up

Although plants may be your priority when considering the design and construction of your landscape, our experts recommend getting out-of-the-box! This year, they have tended to many residential landscapes bursting with a mix of elements, rather than plants alone.

Not only does this add texture and interest with less need for maintenance, but it can aid in bringing form and function together – with a dash of eco-consciousness! Using stone, wood (even driftwood!), trees, and architectural accents together brings personality to your landscape.

For example, you could install a large hardscape as a feature-piece, but soften it with plants. Or, you could use stones to create a pathway and add splashes of colour with strategically placed succulents.

If you need help bringing any of these trends to life or specialist residential landscape construction and design services, the residential landscapers at Sydney Garden Maintenance & Landscaping have got you covered!

With years of experience and design-savvy landscapers, your softscapes and hardscapes will be transformed into a personal oasis that leaves your neighbours green with envy. Our landscapers have an intimate understanding of local plants and harmonious placements, guaranteeing a garden that flourishes across the seasons.

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