How To Prepare Residential Landscape & Pro Tips About It’ Construction

How To Prepare Residential Landscape & Pro Tips About It' Construction

Transforming your garden into your personal paradise takes a lot more than just adding new foliage and mowing your lawn.

With a little research, you’ll realise that residential landscape construction services are required for a truly revolutionary outdoor space!

Professional landscapers have the necessary knowledge about the local vegetation, weather, and lay of the land to create an oasis that’ll leave your neighbours green with envy.

But, what is residential landscape construction?

Residential Landscape Construction Explained

Any landscaping service worth its salt is provided in two parts; landscape design and construction.

Landscape Design:

This is the concept that is drawn up and delivered by trained landscapers. It’s the idea that identifies how your landscaping project will look and why.

Landscape Construction:

To breathe life into this blueprint, you’ll need licensed and qualified landscapers to construct it. They have the expertise, experience, licenses, knowledge, and tools to:

  • Design, cost, and quote landscaping projects
  • Interpret and carry out design plans
  • Plan and craft irrigation and drainage systems
  • Cultivate and manage your garden landscape (horticultural skills)
  • Lay paving for large areas, build retaining walls, and construct outdoor structures (construction skills)

Preparing For Residential Landscape Construction

Before diving into the landscape construction deep end, here are some tips to prepare for your project:

  • Get inspiration for functional and fashionable features and foliage
  • Figure out if you want to grow food too
  • Break down your budget
  • Choose a licensed and local landscaper
  • Discuss desired elements during your site evaluation
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want
  • Listen to your contractor’s recommendations
  • Don’t approve any designs you’re unhappy with
  • Check construction estimates thoroughly
  • Ask about turnaround time
  • Get extension cables ready if there are no outside plug points
  • Remove furniture and belongings from outdoor spaces that need work

Pro Tips For A Pristine Project

Get Serious About Your Soil

As above, so below – for a living, thriving garden, you need living, thriving soil too!

Your soil needs to be teeming with fungi to produce a flourishing garden. Try adding your kitchen compost, worms, or mycorrhizal fungi to your soil.

Otherwise, speak to your contractor about bringing in living soil.

Plants Solve Problems

Strategic planting can solve a host of problems, such as busy roads and direct street views. Get more privacy by planting trees or use thick, bushy plants to soundproof your property!

Chat to your contractor about your problems; you’d be surprised how plants can help.

Now that you’re informed and inspired, it’s time to choose a contractor. Our best piece of advice is working with us!

After years of working symbiotically with Sydney’s landscapes, we’ve created countless residential paradises for people to enjoy.

Whether you need advice, residential landscape construction, we’ve got the expertise you need!