Importance OF Residential Irrigation Services

Importance of Residential Irrigation Services

Whether you’re building a new home or revamping your current one, professionally installed irrigation systems are essential. They ensure your garden is flourishing all year round without any water wasting disasters.Investing in residential irrigation services will not only leave you with a landscape to be proud of, but can also boost the value of your property! Here’s what you need to know.

Why Properties Need Irrigation

Now that our drier winter months are in full swing, your garden will need heaps of irrigation! Every lawn and flower garden generally requires about 76 to 102 mm of water at least twice a week for them to thrive.

By ensuring that all your greenery is watered evenly and consistently, your garden will be as fresh as ever and ready for our scorching summers! That’s where irrigation systems come in.

You can’t afford to let your costly landscape and garden dry up, which is why residential irrigation services are so crucial!

The amount of water your garden needs will depend on:

  1. Where in Australia you live
  2. Your soil quality
  3. The season
  4. How much shade your lawn and garden gets
  5. The type of grass and flowers you have

Note: we recommend that you have irrigation services performed between 5 and 8 am to prevent too much evaporation.

The Importance Of Professional Irrigation Services And Maintenance

Residential irrigation services are more complicated than you may think. Although they seem simple, many costly issues can come up if they’re not installed and maintained correctly.

Professional landscapers have a meticulous way of placing water lines so that the sprinkler heads don’t get overloaded. Too many lines in the sprinkler head will result in low pressure that won’t allow sprinklers to reach adequate coverage where it needs to water.

What’s more, water lines need to be maintained and connected correctly to avoid leaks that will require digging up your garden. With residential irrigation services, these issues will be a thing of the past.

Enjoy The Perks, Not The Pests!

A complete residential landscape construction program with irrigation planning, maintenance, and services have a key benefit – pest control. If, for example, you have a delicate crop rotation, a specific irrigation plan will be necessary. The right irrigation services will help curb pest infestations by preventing excessive watering that allows them to thrive.

At Sydney Garden Maintenance & Landscaping, we pride ourselves in providing solutions tailored to your needs. Using our passion for plants, we’ll bring your vision to life! From unique landscape designs to elegant water features, we do it all.

If you have any questions about our residential irrigation services, don’t hesitate to call us!