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Keep Your Gardens Healthy and Looking Beautiful All Year Round with Our Professional Garden Maintenance Services.

Have you ever looked at a lovely garden with vibrant green and perfectly mowed grass, and wished it was yours?

If you’re struggling with your home garden maintenance because you don’t have a green thumb or the time to manage regular mowing and weeding, we’ve got you covered! Sydney GM offers a complete range of garden and landscape maintenance services to meet all your lawn and outdoor care needs. Whether you need garden mowing with tree and refuse removal or seasonal plant maintenance, we are more than happy to help.

Our team of qualified gardeners and landscaping experts use their extensive knowledge gained from years of hands-on experience to transform dull and tired gardens. We use the latest gardening techniques with specialist equipment to get flawless and lasting results suited to your landscape and personal tastes.

We’ll take the burden of gardening from your shoulders with bespoke residential gardening services and affordable packages to make your home lawn the envy of the neighbourhood.

Home Gardening Services

We understand that lawn and landscaping maintenance is a time- and labour-intensive chore. It requires consistency and expertise to get the right results from your soil and keep your flora thriving and looking great.

Our residential garden maintenance services include everything from one-off and weekly services to yearly and ongoing programs. We work with a solution-driven approach that focuses on getting visible results. Our lawn care methods are customised to suit your garden’s soil and conditions, adjusted accordingly to meet its changing requirements.

Our garden and landscaping services include:

Lawn Mowing and Cleaning

We offer routine lawn mowing services for homeowners to keep their grass healthy and well-maintained. Our gardeners use professional lawn mowers for speed and efficiency, delivering a uniform cut to promote new growth and maximum visual appeal.

Meticulous care is taken when trimming around delicate flora, trees, and vegetation. We also keep you updated with important issues in your garden, such as weeds and diseases, with sound advice and support to keep your lawn in good condition.

Hedge Trimming and Flower Bed Maintenance

Overgrown hedges are an invitation for pests and ants. It ruins the look of your garden, encroaching on hard surfaces and providing an unruly and unkempt asethetic.

We can help you maintain your hedges with trimming and shaping to complement your landscape and maintain your privacy. Our gardeners excel at seasonal and routine care for flowers and plants, applying their knowledge and skills to keep them blooming.

Tree Removal and Pruning

Tree pruning is essential to maintain landscape trees with crown thinning, cutting off deadwood, diseased sections, and excess growth. We use power tools and safety equipment to prune and trim trees of all sizes. Whether your tree growth is too dense and restricting sunlight, or you need to remove branches obstructing views, we’ll have it pruned and trimmed with the utmost care and precision.

If you need tree removal services for a dead or overgrown tree with tangled roots, our trained arborists have the skills and equipment to get it done safely and correctly. From removing tree stumps to diseased and overlapping trees, we do it all with speed and efficiency.

Weed Removal

Weeds thrive in unmaintained gardens, spreading quickly to destroy healthy plants and growth. We provide weed management services, using a combination of techniques, such as manual pulling, weed sprays, and mulching, for a weed-free and beautiful garden.

Compost and Fertiliser Services

Fertilisers and composts are vital for getting nutrient-rich soil and promoting growth. We provide organic compost and fertiliser application tailored to your soil’s requirements. They work in tandem, hydrating the soil, preventing weeds, and protecting it from diseases. We access your soil structure and plant types for proper fertilising and compost to ensure your garden gets the nutrients it needs with top-ups when required.

Driveway and Exterior Cleaning

We can’t have a beautiful garden without clean driveways and outdoor surfaces. Both work together to give your home curb appeal and a pristine look. We clean all areas of your landscape, washing away dirt and stains and removing litter and debris for a flawless home exterior.

Residential Turf Installation

Looking for landscaping professionals who can install high-quality turf for your home garden?

We supply and install all types of turf for your property, removing old lawns with professional cutting tools to get the right depth and preparing the soil before underlay with fertilisers and aeration. Our landscaping contractors assess your soil and lawn requirements, helping you select the best grass type for optimal growth and easy maintenance. We also provide free quotes, flexible delivery times, and quick installation to preserve the quality of the turf.

Sydney’s Premier Gardening and Landscaping Experts

Transform your gardens and landscape with personalised care and a full range of residential garden services by experienced professionals. We take your satisfaction and convenience seriously, listening to and understanding your requirements for budget-friendly solutions. Whether you need ongoing garden and landscaping maintenance or once-off services for restoration or installation, we’re always available to assist you in any way we can.

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