Residential Garden Maintenance Services And Tips For Longevity

Residential Garden Maintenance Services and Tips

Residential garden maintenance services on the Northern Beaches offers you a professional solution that ensures your outdoor area is thriving. From a functional space to a decorative one, there are many ways in which you can maintain your space day by day, in between visits from the professionals. As our busy lifestyles often get in the way of keeping these spaces bright and full of life, a professional solution can ensure you always have a stunning space to enjoy outside. Follow these tips to keep your garden thriving in between visits from our expert team of specialists.


When dealing with garden beds, whether flowers or veg and herbs, keep the beds themselves evenly moist. Water just once or twice a week, specifically in the morning or late afternoon if entirely necessary. This ensures not only reduced water evaporation, but the timing ensures that the plants have enough time to utilise the water in the soil before being flooded with more.

Avoid watering leaves or plant heads to avoid mould formation, instead use a light mist or spray level to focus on the soil top and stem of the plant, encouraging water around the base where it can urge root growth and strength. If you do not have time to water when needed, try a simple irrigation system for your space that can be timed, or turned on at the right times, to cover a wider area without having to move around it constantly.


If you have large sections of lawn, do your best to protect them from excessive heat. While most grass can do well in the high 20s of celsius, anything over 30 degrees will start to cause issues. If the temperature rises, avoid cutting the grass too short and instead leave it standing at about five centimetres. This protects the lower, more delicate spaces from the harsh light and ensures that the grass will continue to grow even if the top layer dies off or withers. Grass is integral in keeping moisture within a soil bed, as well as stopping erosion from occurring.


To prevent the growth of weeds, plant within the beds so that the plants form dense areas to minimise the space available for weeds to develop. The use of mulch prevents weed seeds from sprouting. If you want to pull weeds that are appearing, ensure to get the root out as well to minimise more regrowth.

Are you looking for reliable residential garden maintenance services? We can cater to your needs in Northern Beaches and make sure that your outdoor area is kept in pristine condition. Whether planting or upkeep, let us build your space. Follow these tips between visits. Contact us today to find out more!