Our Landscapers’ Top Garden Maintenance Tips For Sydney’s Scorching Summers

Our Landscapers' Top Garden Maintenance Tips For Sydney's Scorching Summers

As wildlife starts to return, temperatures start to soar, and the sun stays high in the sky, the maintenance of your garden should be your top priority. Although the perfect time of year for most plants to thrive, Sydney’s summers are unforgiving. If you’re not using garden maintenance services, then it’s up to you to give your garden the TLC it needs.

Our landscapers have some garden maintenance tips to help you keep it lush and healthy!

Pruning For Progress

Surprisingly, summer is the best time to prune fruit trees and bushes for bigger crops, as well as ornamental plants, such as roses, for gorgeous displays.

Roses will only need minimal pruning at this time, cutting back withering flower heads a few centimetres below the flower. Younger fruit trees will need regular pruning to allow more sunlight in to promote strength and growth. Mature fruit trees will also need pruning, as it helps them produce larger, healthier harvests.

Bush-based hedging used as barriers, boundaries, or screens will always need pruning to control their growth and shape. It prevents them from looking messy and poking eyes and scratching cars.

When To Water

The most efficient and environmentally conscious time to water your garden in summer is early in the morning or evening. Watering during the day in full sun when temperatures are soaring causes the water to evaporate faster than your plants’ root systems can absorb it.

Watering in the early evening is probably best, as it gives your garden enough time to dry out and the water won’t evaporate as fast. Your plants will be able to drink their fill before the sun rises – and you won’t waste water and money!

Leave Your Lawn Long

If you don’t have professional landscapers maintaining your lawn during summer, you’ll need to take special care when mowing. Although short and manicured is usually ideal, it will add to the strain of soaring temperatures.

Keeping your lawn above 25mm is best, as it leaves enough protection from the glaring sun and allows deep root growth that wards off water-hungry weeds. Any shorter than this and the strain of full summer sun will prevent your lawn from recovering!

There Is Such Thing As Too Much Sun

Although most mature plants thrive under direct sunlight, young or newly transplanted plants will suffer under its glare. Plants that have just been transplanted are still recovering from the stress, making it difficult to withstand harsh, direct sunlight. Seedlings are still developing, and don’t yet have the resilience needed to handle harsh sunlight. It’s important to note that they do need sunlight, just filtered or indirect sunlight for now.

The landscapers at Sydney Garden Maintenance & Landscaping have a deep understanding of and passion for Sydney’s unique ecological environment. Using their expert insights, they can help you create an oasis that thrives across the seasons through biodiversity, balance, and harmony between plant species.

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