Garden and Landscape Solutions Sydney

Sydney Garden Maintenance & Landscaping

Solution Focused

Provide tailored solutions to the wants and needs of our clients, both commercial & residential and create outcomes that meet these in the most valued & cost effective manner.

Solution-Focused Sydney Garden Maintenance & Landscaping

Landscaping and gardening don’t compete with each other; they complete each other.

To create an innovative, enchanting outdoor oasis that thrives, rather than simply survives, you need a custom combination of landscape and garden solutions specific to Sydney’s unique climate.

That’s where Sydney Garden Maintenance & Landscaping comes in!

Leading Landscape Solutions in Sydney

Landscaping involves designing and building up the land surrounding your property to lay the foundations for a luscious, green garden.

With a specific focus on construction, our landscapers will design, build, and plant out your garden from scratch or transform your current one to make the most out of your space!

Professional Garden & Landscape Solutions Sydney & Surroundings

We Design:

With our in-depth understanding of Sydney’s environment, we’ll design a custom landscape unique to you that not only reflects your personal style, but ensures biodiversity, balance, and harmony between plant species too!

Our bespoke landscape design solutions involve:

  • Onsite inspection and consultation around personalisation
  • Detailing and developing ideas discussed onsite
  • Garden, hardscape, and outdoor lighting designs
  • Recommendations for materials and vegetation
  • Final bird’s eye view design plan of proposed project

We Construct:

Once the design concept has been finalised and approved by you, we’ll begin to build up your bespoke landscape!

By focusing on solutions that maximise your space and minimise waste, we’ll construct the infrastructure of your garden and the hardscape that holds it all together.

Our custom landscape construction solutions include:

  • Installing standard or automated irrigation systems
  • Installing fencing, decking, and paving
  • Installing garden and water features
  • Tree and stump removals
  • Installing outdoor lighting
  • Building retaining walls
  • Sculpture construction
  • Outdoor carpentry
  • Turf installations
  • Stonemasonry

We Plant:

Once your landscape has been constructed, we breathe life into it! Our professional landscapers have unrivalled experience and expertise with a plethora of plant species, from indigenous to endemic, exotic, and beyond. With our insight into the unique makeup of Australia’s environment, we’ll help you populate your property with plants that will flourish no matter the season or scarcity of water!

Specialist Garden Solutions

We don’t plant and disregard – we garden too! Once your landscape has been planted out, we’ll use our extensive knowledge of soil, trees, turf, diseases, pests, plants, and pruning habits to nurture and maintain your landscape – giving you true value for money.

Our tailored garden solutions include:

  • Garden renovations, pre-sale makeovers, and styling
  • Plants, shrubs, and trees pruning and maintenance
  • Irrigation system maintenance and repairs
  • Bespoke garden maintenance programs
  • Garden waste and weed removals
  • Driveway and hardscape cleaning
  • Lawn mowing and maintenance
  • Composting and fertilising
  • Seasonal care programs
  • Flowerbed maintenance
  • Hedge trimming


We are a full 360 degree full service landscape & garden company.