How to Design a Desert Landscape

Design a Desert Landscape in Sydney

If you live in an area around the country where rolling green yards aren’t generally practical, don’t allow customers to believe that an eye-catching and wonderful yard isn’t achievable. To discover more about creating a North Western desert scene from landscaping services in Sydney, look at these helpful planting and design tips.


Start by choosing native or well-adapted plant species that will perform well without a ton of water. Local plants like agave and mesquite will include a trace of the region, while Mediterranean plants like thyme and rosemary will be able to endure and flourish in the heat.

Be sure to keep similar plants grouped, as you don’t want them competing among themselves for water and nutrients. It can help you to better plan out watering times and irrigation needs when the plants are grouped according to their water needs. That will ensure each plant is taken care of properly. The mulch used should be adjusted to each plant type. For larger leafed plants, it’s best to use soil with more organic matter. If you need any assistance regarding landscaping services in Sydney or if you want an expert opinion on things you will need. Please give us a call.

It’s also a good idea to create lower areas in the landscape where you can plant trees. Trees will require more water to establish themselves, so planting them below the landscape will allow excess water to naturally flow where it’s needed most. Avoid filling your customer’s yard with only rocks. Rocks will prove to be lower maintenance than other materials, but they can become hotter and brighter when exposed to sunlight, which could make it a bit more unpleasant for your customers to look at and live with. Two of the most popular colours to bring into the space are warm tones of red and yellow. Landscaping services in Sydney are the most reliable for customers wanting to re-do their landscapes.

Hardscaping and Softscaping

Traditional building materials like walls made of adobe-mud or dry-stacked stone and gravel pathways are perfect for a classic Desert look. As mentioned earlier, saving water is exponentially important in desert areas, and larger water features such as pools and artificial waterfalls, while pleasant to use and look at, aren’t always the best for saving water.

With an expert on hand who can guide and optimise, you can rest easy knowing the best steps are being taken to give you landscaping services in Sydney. Contact us today to find out more about these services!