Gardening Trends: 2021

Gardening Trends in Sydney for Maintenance & Landscaping

Maintaining a garden can be challenging and time-consuming, which is often best to employ professional garden maintenance and landscaping services if you want to enjoy your garden to its fullest potential.

At Sydney Garden Maintenance & Landscaping, we offer professional residential lawn care and landscape management services, all carried out by our experts. Below we have predicted some trends for 2021.

Raise the Bar

This year’s ‘hot’ colours or rather trendy colours to add to the garden are grey and white. These two colours are calming and neutral. Another predicted 2021 trend is introducing raised garden beds. Raised garden beds are easy to withhold, and can control the soil that you set forth. If your garden does not have the best loam, then this is a great gardening concept to combat this problem. We provide maintenance for gardens in the North Shore and surrounding areas.

From Garden to Permaculture

Permaculture encompasses so many aspects. It can be difficult to garden sustainably where the health and wildlife of the environment are taken into account. The aforementioned means practicing an organic plantation, with no poisons and introducing beneficial insects into your garden. Plant according to the elements. Look into this topic and do some homework. These are responsible ways to garden and are highly encouraged.

Wildlife, Tropical and Living Space

The garden should feel like an extension of the home. Create a patio area if you don’t already have one. Add sofas, rugs, patio furniture and add pot plants and planters to the patios to link this area to the garden. Considering how much time we are spending at home because of the Covid virus this is a very worthwhile investment. The general concept is to garden in a way that encourages wildlife into your garden and sustains this wildlife by providing ‘food plants’, homes, water sources etc. In particular, a massive 2021 trend will be ‘bee gardening’.

The jungle look is making a serious comeback this year. That is in the form of indoor plants as well as outdoor gardening as well.

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