7 Tips To Make Your Garden Summer-Ready With Gardening Services In North Shore Sydney

Make Your Garden Summer-Ready with Sydney GM Gardening Services

As we know, the past few months have been really tough on Sydney residents following the outbreak of the new Delta variant. With more people homebound and garden centres open, people have more time to tend to their gardens. Gardening allows for an accessible and safe outdoor space in which to spend some quality time. If you are living on the North Shore in Sydney; you may want to consider hiring gardening services for your garden and turn it into your favourite summer-time spot.

Here are a few essential tips to help make your garden summer-ready:

Do Some Prior Planning

With a little prior planning, you can easily make your garden ready to welcome the summer season. Think about what needs to be done such as the changes you’d like to see in your garden and plan accordingly. For instance, if your garden furniture needs some polish, or you need to get some new plants for the upcoming season, with prior planning you’ll get a rough idea about the expected expenditure and the time it will take to get the things done.

Do Not Skip Weed-Removal

You cannot prevent weeds from growing in your garden. Cleaning your garden and removing weeds is as important as cleaning your indoor space. Since they grow pretty fast and removing them can be time consuming, you can hire gardening services for your North Shore home to prevent weeds from overtaking your entire garden.

Prune The Dead Plants

While assessing your garden ready for summer, you’ll come across many plants that are dying or their growth has ceased. Pruning them is an essential step to maintain the health and visual appeal of your garden. Similarly, plants with rapid growth need frequent trimming to keep your garden well-kept throughout the summers.

Add Fertilisers To Keep Your Garden Healthy

Add fertilisers to the soil to ensure your summer plants bloom and to cover any mineral deficiencies. You need to make sure the fertiliser is added before mulching to preserve the nutrients within the soil. However, overdosing the plants with fertiliser will reversely affect their growth and they’ll die very soon.
Weed removal followed by fertiliser will help your plants grow healthy during the summer season. Getting it done by professionals will ensure your plants are given the right amount and type of fertiliser they need.


Mulching is the most effective way to protect your garden from the summer sun. Sugar cane, bark chips or pea straw are a few mulch options you can consider. Not only will mulching help keep your plants cool, but will also keep the weeds away.

Pest Control

Have you ever tried growing vegetables in your garden only to end up seeing them half-eaten by unwanted visitors? Pests can be a real nuisance for plant lovers. If the problem is in the starting phase, you can get pest control equipment and sprays from any gardening store. However, having it dealt with by professional gardening services on the North Shore, Sydney can be the best choice you can ever make for your garden.

Make Arrangements For Extra Shading

Summer sun can be quite harsh for your garden, especially if it is North or West facing. It can cause burning patches to appear on your grass. If there’s little to no natural shading in your garden, making arrangements for artificial shade is important.

Most of you might find all this work potentially overburdening. Sydney Garden Maintenance and Landscaping; a reliable name for gardening services on the North Shore, Sydney is ready to bring the best out of your garden during the upcoming summer season.

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