Garden Design Tips For Northern Beaches Homes

Landscape Garden Design Tips for Sydney Northern Beaches

Garden design is a brilliant way to liven up your Northern Beaches home with colour and contours that please the eye. With professional guidance and service you can have a beautiful outside space to enjoy throughout the year. Whether wanting functional or visual, overpowering or delicate, there are ample ways to layout your serene space. Read on to see the top tips when planning your space outside.

The Graceful Curve

When dealing with an outdoor space or bed your eye will naturally move with the flow and curves of the area. The sweep of a curve lends a gracious air to a landscape that allows you to create an interesting visual element. By laying out a defined plant bed or even a walkway in a strong line creates depth that draws you into the garden, an intriguing way to create a bit of whimsy within the space.

Use Mystery 

If you want to make a small outdoor space more interesting, or appear visually larger than it is, you can use an ancient Japanese design technique known as hide and reveal. This encompasses obscuring a view or features in a garden only partially, to create an illusion of distance in layers. Half-hidden views encourage people to explore a space to find what is unseen, just out of view. This allows you to create an interesting, mysterious space that seems far larger than it may be.

Pooling And Channeling

Taking into account the way people move through a space, pooling and channeling is a practice of creating narrow paths and larger spaces in between to encourage movement through the space. With people move through the narrow space, while taking a slower pace in the more open areas. This is a great technique to encourage movement or to slow down the pace when people are making their way around the area. Whether you have a pathway around your area or smaller spacers for enjoying the grass, you want everyone to be able to enjoy the space for their own leisure. When you employ ideas like this, you can ensure that they enjoy the natural flow of the space.

As a brilliant way to indulge and enjoy your outdoor space every day of the year, garden design services for your Northern Beaches home allows you to enjoy the beauty of nature day in and day out. With a professional service provider you can rest easy knowing your dream outdoor space will be a reality perfectly suited to your home and environment. Contact us to get professional services for your home!