Flower Bed Preparation And Maintenance That Your Gardener In Sydney Will Do

Cottage Garden Flower Bed Preparation in Sydney

When it comes to flower bed preparation, you can rest assured that our team at Sydney Garden Maintenance & Landscaping knows exactly what you need. Whether your flower beds are being planted for the very first time or whether this is part of your annual seasonal maintenance and preparation, we’ve got you covered. With us you can have the comfort of knowing that your gardener in Sydney is experienced, dedicated, and highly professional.

Flower Bed Preparation And What It Entails

When creating a new planting zone or flower bed, the very first thing that needs to be decided is what you want to plant and where the new bed will be, what shape and size it will be and what type of vegetation will need to be cleared in order to create it. This area should be marked off and have the edges of said bed defined. The next step is to clear any existing vegetation, obstacles or debris. The method used will be based on time available, effort required and the nature of the vegetation being removed. Some methods include:

  • Removal by hand/manual labour (labour intensive)
  • Herbicides (not recommended for organic or eco-safe gardens)
  • Smothering (very slow method)
  • Solarisation (let the sun do the work for you)

After existing vegetation has been removed, soil can be prepared with various amendments and then planting can begin!

Garden Maintenance For All Year Beauty

There are several garden maintenance tasks that will form part of your flower bed preparation or simply just general garden care. These tasks include:

  • Invasive weed control
  • Hedging services
  • Compacted soil prevention
  • Mulching services
  • Storm damage prevention or protection
  • Pruning
  • Compost management

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Whether you have a petite residential garden or a larger commercial outdoor experience, no landscaping project is too big or too small. We cater to all your landscaping needs including gardening, design, planting, cultivating, construction, and bespoke or specialist services. From renovations to maintenance, Sydney Garden Maintenance & Landscaping takes immense pride in providing the right solution for you. With our team of experienced and design-savvy landscapers, we can create the space you have always dreamed of. Choose a gardener in Sydney that knows how to deliver excellence from concept to completion. Contact us today on 02 9417 0014 or 0434 113 750, e-mail us at getintouch@sydneygm.com.au, or simply fill out our convenient contact form here.