Fast Growing Screening Plants For New Commercial Developments

Landscape privacy screen plants from neighbors

Once of the challenges with new commercial developments is that the gorgeous gardening plans don’t show their true beauty right at the beginning. Sometimes that gardening includes screening for the privacy of clients or customers.

It could be privacy for a room’s verandah from a walkway, supplying a biophilic view for staff by screening a parking lot or a chill, outdoor zone for a spa.

Fast-growing screening plants are a superb way to quickly create delicate, peaceful privacy whilst filling out the garden!

Here are two ‘top of the speed trials’ plants that given different types of screening options.

Lilly Pilly

This native plant is versatile and has many varieties from syzygium to acmena to waterhousea types. They are wonderfully evergreen which means you don’t go from screening to twigs seasonally.

Even more delightfully, when they have new shoots they appear in a range of colours. You will see orange, cream, pink and all tones in between.  It makes for wonderful displays. Your feathered friends will enjoy them too as well as butterflies and bees! Quadruple win.

It is important to note that some varieties can grow as tall as 10 metres so keep that in mind when making your selections and choosing positions.  Most stop at 5 metres tall.

You could also choose the ‘Straight and Narrow’ varietal for those tricky, narrow spaces.

Clumping Bamboo

This is another option that has many varieties. Bamboo is the Formula One of fast growing plants. You can choose slender weavers, China gold, ghost, and Chinese dwarf and you will find options for those tricky, narrow spaces as well. As with Lilly Pilly, check the final height specification as some bamboos can grow up to 12m tall.

Bamboo creates very elegant screening, with lovely tonality, strong vertical lines and beautiful, long leaves that give a soft contrast to the strong stems.


These produce showstopper red flowers in the Spring but you can find jawdropping beauties that produce white, pink, or yellow flowers! Birds, butterflies and other nectar-collectors love these flowers so you will have a busy garden with these screens. Many varieties are dense which makes for a great hedge. They are hardy and have a variety of mature plant heights from 1 metre to 10 metres!

Photinia Red Robin

This is a stunning, festive plant.  It has multi-coloured leaves with red new shoots, that age into a light green colour.  Your whole garden will look like a Christmas decoration. In Spring, it also produces pretty white flowers just to add to its splendour. It is a hardy and makes great hedge, topping out at 3 metres.

There is a wide variety of fast growing screening options available but these are delightful shortlisted options. We can help you find a screening plant that suits your situation and needs.

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