Creating Innovative Landscapes On A Budget: 4 Tips And Tricks To Keep Costs Down!

4 Tips for Creating Innovative Landscapes On A Budget

Once you’ve brought your dream home into reality, it’s time to breathe life into your landscape!

Unfortunately, many Aussies tend to have little budget leftover, making creating a truly innovative landscape feel impossible.

But, stay calm and read on!

Come rain, shine, or COVID-19; our landscapers are dedicated to helping Sydney residents transform their landscapes, no matter their budgets.

That’s why they’ve compiled their top four tips and tricks to help you cut costs with creative landscaping!

#1 Keep It Real

Stop wasting your time (and money) trying to grow plants that aren’t suited to your climate!

There’s a reason indigenous and endemic plants thrive in Sydney’s scorching summers, humidity, and wet winters!

They’ve already adapted to their environment without any human intervention. This makes them especially easy to care for, with minimal maintenance and watering needs.

But, don’t feel restricted!

You can also populate your garden with exotic plants that grow naturally in hot, coastal environments like Sydney.

#2 Big Dreams Need Big Pots

In this case, size does matter!

Multitudes of mismatched and sized pots tend to look tatty very quickly.

For a clean, contemporary look, swap them out for two or three big, beautiful pots or containers instead.

You could get creative by grouping and transplanting the evicted plants in gorgeous arrangements of colour and contrasting textures in each large pot!

Or, you could find foliage that compliments the shape or colour of these pots.

For example, large, lotus-like Echeveria succulents are waterwise and look stunning when framed by round containers!

#3 Cutting Edge Tactics

Everyone loves a freebie!

And, surprisingly, most gardening gurus are happy to oblige.

So, scope out your neighbouring gardens and call in a favour from friends to get your hands on cuttings – or free plants!

Once you have your cuttings, remove the bottom leaves to allow roots to grow before placing them in small starter pots with vermiculite, perlite, or soilless potting mix.

Dipping the ends in rooting gel first will help promote the roots to grow, but isn’t necessary.

Some of the easiest plants to grow from cuttings in our climate are:

  • Hydrangeas
  • Pelargoniums
  • Fuchsias
  • Succulents

#4 Build Your Own Soil

Why buy soil when you can build it!

If money is tight, getting familiar with hot composting will minimise waste and spending on fertiliser and soils by creating nutrient-rich soil.

Start with a one cubic metre space or container. Then, gradually layer horse or cow manure, garden clippings, biochar or charcoal, other biodegradable organic substances with essential nutrients for plants, and even kitchen waste.

Pro tip: layer green (organic waste, clippings), then brown (manure, chippings), then green, and so on.

With our tips and tricks, you’ll have no problem creating a stunningly unique landscape – at half the price!

But remember, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

The team at Sydney Garden Maintenance & Landscaping has a passion for plants and people. Using strategic techniques, we’ll exceed your expectations – not your budget!

Whether you need professional services or simple advice, call us today.