Gardening 101: Choosing the Right Garden Irrigation System for Your Sydney Property

Gardening 101 Choosing the Right Garden Irrigation System for Your Sydney Property

Keeping your garden well-watered is key to making it lush and healthy. To make things easy for property owners, garden irrigation systems can be installed to solve any watering issues. Here is a quick guide on various garden irrigation systems depending on your gardening style. As most irrigation installers offer various installation options, finding the right garden irrigation system for your Sydney property will be as easy as one, two, water. 

Sprinkler System:

Fixed or pop-up sprinklers distribute water across lawns in the form of a fixed spray or mist. A sprinkler system is an automatic garden irrigation system which covers a larger garden area. Although pop-up sprinklers are an easier installation option, you will have an evaporation loss with this irrigation system method. 

Drip System:

A drip irrigation system overcomes almost all the potential drawbacks of a traditional sprinkler system, specifically designed to irrigate plant roots. Drip irrigation systems water areas with a drip method that require watering rather than covering areas that do not need it. This system also reduces the risk of water wastage and weed growth. Drip emitters have adjustable rates so they only water a controlled amount in the areas that require water, preventing water from getting wasted. 

Micro Spray Jet System:

Micro spray jet systems are similar to sprinkler systems in that they deliver water in a finer mist. Micro sprays are a great way to irrigate small garden beds or vegetable patches. These systems are considered to be more cost effective than drip systems. Micro jet and spray systems come pre-assembled, making it simple to customise your garden irrigation to suit your unique requirements. 

Irrigation Systems with Timer Options:

There are three types of timer options available in irrigation systems: 

Manual: Attached to the tap. Every time you want to start the system, the timer must be turned on. Once the time is activated, it shuts off automatically.

Automatic: Attached to the tap. The timer can be programmed to turn on and off automatically as needed.

Fully Automatic: Not attached to the tap. The timer connects directly to the mains water line and controls all irrigation zones from a single location. The programming options are customisable, but the initial framework must be installed by an irrigation system installer.

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