Care For Your Commercial Lawn With These 3 Tips From Our Landscaping Specialists!

Tips to Care For Your Commercial Lawn

For potential prospects and tenants, your lawn is a reflection of your professionalism, attention to detail, and your business as a whole!

Simply put, it’s essential for a positive first impression – and second impressions are scarce.

So, regardless of the season, you need a luscious lawn that improves positive sentiment, boosts your brand image, and draws people in!

To help your lawn (and your business) thrive, here are our landscaping specialists’ top three commercial lawn care tips.

TIP 1: Fertilise To Revitalise

Fertilising your lawn replaces and replenishes the essential nutrients needed in your soil for a healthy microbiome, which in turn lets your lawn (and other plants) thrive.

And the thicker and healthier your commercial lawn is, the more resistant it is to pesky weeds – but you’ll need to fertilise at the right times!

Early Winter:

Fertilising at this time is essential to replenish the nutrients that were lost helping your lawn grow lush throughout summer.

Early Spring:

To reinforce root development and kick-start grass growth, you’ll want to fertilise again as new life starts to blossom.

TIP 2: Let Your Lawn Breathe

Your lawn doesn’t only live off sunlight, fertiliser, and water. Fresh, oxygenated air is crucial for plants to convert nutrients into energy and respire – just like humans.

Aerating your lawn involves perforating the soil with small holes to allow air in and let it breathe. Not only that, but this lets water and fertiliser seep in more efficiently too!

Most importantly, this improved air circulation and water and fertiliser penetration directly affect your lawn’s root system, letting them grow deep, think, and strong.

This is a great way to combat soil compaction, which inhibits this free-flow of essentials – a problem caused by foot traffic.

Which brings me to my next point!

TIP 3: Keep Off The Grass!

Even if your lawn is looking a bit sad over winter, possibly browning, it’s alive and kicking!

To keep it that way, you need to ensure foot (and vehicle) traffic is steered away from your lawn.

This is also important for its health all-year-round, because soil compaction leaves little space for the essentials to penetrate the root system and stunt its growth!

With these commercial lawn care tips, you’ll enjoy a thriving, luscious lawn no matter the season.

Or, you could hire leading local landscaper, Sydney Garden Maintenance & Landscaping, to take the load off your shoulders and create a custom lawn care plan for you!

With our specialist landscaping services, you can focus on your business, while we create an inviting, attention-grabbing oasis outside.

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