Being Ready for Bushfire Season

Written By Marty McLeay, Team Leader

“As Sydney and its surroundings brace for the bushfire season, preparation becomes not just beneficial, but essential. This region’s vulnerability to wildfires during the hotter months necessitates proactive measures. Below are key steps to help you prepare effectively.”

Creating a Bushfire Survival Plan

Essential Tip: Develop a comprehensive plan that outlines evacuation routes, emergency contacts, and a checklist of essential items for evacuation. It’s vital to share this plan with all household members and rehearse it to ensure everyone is aware of their roles in an emergency.

Stay Informed

Stay Updated: Regularly check reliable sources like the Rural Fire Service (RFS) or the ‘Hazards Near Me’ app. These platforms provide timely warnings, alerts, and updates on fire conditions in your area.

Prepare Your Property

Proactive Measures: Undertake regular maintenance such as clearing gutters, removing debris, and trimming branches near buildings. Establish a defensible space around your property by keeping grass trimmed and reducing flammable vegetation.

Fireproof Your Home

Key Adjustments: Consider ember guards for vents, seal gaps under roof tiles, and opt for non-flammable materials in roofing and cladding. Ensure your garden hoses can reach all areas around your property for emergency use.

Emergency Supplies

Pack Smart: Assemble an emergency kit containing water, non-perishable food, a first aid kit, important documents, torches, batteries, and any necessary medications.

Stay Connected

Communication is Key: Keep a battery-powered radio or a backup power source handy to stay informed about fire conditions and evacuation orders, especially in scenarios where electricity might be unavailable.

Protect Pets & Livestock

Include All Family Members: Incorporate plans for pets and livestock in your emergency strategy. Ensure you have carriers, leashes, and provisions for their evacuation and care.

Review Insurance Coverage

Financial Preparedness: Verify that your home and property insurance adequately cover fire damage. Document your property with photos or videos as a precaution for potential insurance claims.

Stay Vigilant

Safety First: On high-risk days and during extremely hot, windy conditions, remain vigilant. Avoid activities that could inadvertently spark fires, such as using power tools or machinery in exposed areas.

Preparing for the bushfire season is a community effort. By taking these steps, you contribute not only to your safety but also to the safety of those around you.

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