Artistic Design Principles Used By Your Sydney Based Landscaping Company

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Creating a spectacular landscape means transforming a living, usable space into a work of art. Unlike other art forms, our canvas is permeable, susceptible to environmental changes, and alive. At Sydney Garden Maintenance & Landscaping we know that the systematic design of organic matter and structures cohesively create a space that is visually pleasing, sustainable, functional, and incorporates healthy ecological design, creates an experience that is both comforting and adaptable.

As a Sydney based landscaping company, we also know and work with the natural beauty on hand, and incorporate the local environmental conditions into our landscaping process. To summarise, we are using artistic design principles to create an immersive and transformative experience.

Design Concepts That We Use In Our Landscaping

There are several principles we incorporate in our process including:

  • Lines
    • Outlines, visual journey, contours, silhouette, and control of movement are dictated bylines
    • Line types such as straight, curved, vertical, and horizontal each have an individual effect on both the emotional and physical experience
  • Form
    • Geometric forms (circular, square, irregular polygon) or naturalistic forms (meandering lines, organic edges, fragmentation) can be perceived even when only a part of the whole can be seen
  • Texture
    • Coarse, fine, or medium textures affect the perception of size and scale
  • Colour
    • You can add variety and intrigue through the use of colour in plants and hardscape that further enhances the experience of emotion, mood, spatial perception, and balance
    • Colour schemes include monochromatic, analogous, or complementary
  • Proportion
    • Visual weight and relation to other elements
  • Order
    • Spatial layout and organisation
  • Repetition and unity
    • Create interesting patterns or groupings

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