Garden Care 101: 5 Lawn Mowing Tips for Your Sydney Garden

Garden Care 101 5 Lawn Mowing Tips for Your Sydney Garden

Although it may be essential for maintaining and growing your garden, lawn mowing can be one of those backbreaking maintenance chores that no one looks forward to. Overgrown grass not only ruins your garden’s aesthetic but also harms the lawn by inhibiting new growth and blocking airflow by accumulating moisture on the surface. 

We’ve put together some useful mowing tips that can help every homeowner maintain a healthy and lush lawn.

1) Don’t Mow on Wet Grass

Wet turf is difficult to mow. Wet and mushy grass can obstruct blades and cause issues for your mower. This can cause significant damage as damp grass on the underside of the mower can stop it from working, tampering with its internal parts if not cleaned properly. 

Although we recommend that you should wait until the garden is completely dry, you may choose to mow wet grass if it is impeding on yard functionality or has become too tall. The degree of saturation determines when it is ideal to mow the grass.

2) Don’t Scalp Your Lawn

Scalping occurs when too much grass is removed during your standard mowing. This can severely damage your lawn as you may be cutting into the plant’s crown. A scalped lawn is more susceptible to disease and weed because the turf is weak and sparse, exposing the soil and causing it to dry out. Keen lawn enthusiasts must always set their mower cutting height between ½ and 1 inch before they begin mowing.

3) Change Your Mowing Pattern

Change things up by mowing in a different direction when you tend to your lawn. Maintaining the same mowing patterns can cause deep marks in soil caused by mower wheels, also known as ruts. Ruts and compact soil can result in unhealthy grass and weed issues, specifically from varieties of weeds that flourish in compacted soil.

4) Mow According to the Season

Being flexible with your mowing schedule is key to maintaining a healthy garden. You may need to mow your grass more frequently during the winter as a result of the faster growth. Make sure to cut your lawn to a good height during the summer months so that it can withstand the warm and dry circumstances. 

5) Maintain Your Lawn Mower

A mower requires consistent maintenance and care to function properly. While cutting the grass, don’t let any foreign objects, such as chemicals or water, fall onto the mower. Make sure to clean the mower after cutting the lawn to remove any remaining grass that may have become caught in the blades or throughout the internal components. Before cleaning the mower with proper cleaning equipment, make sure the power source is completely disconnected.

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