5 Easy Tips For Garden Maintenance During Summer In Sydney

Lawn Mowing Tips for Your Sydney Garden

Taking care of your lawn in this hot season is not easy. The plants need protection against the warm and dry conditions, so that they don’t wither away. A few changes to your garden maintenance during Sydney summers can keep your garden in good health.

Here are 5 ways to get your garden through this summer without losing any of its colours:

1. Know the best time to water your lawn:

Watering enough so that your plants retain moisture is one of the most important aspects of garden maintenance in summers. Don’t water your garden in the middle of the day or your plants will soon start wilting. The right time is either early morning or late afternoon, as the sun is not hot enough to evaporate moisture before the roots can absorb it.

2. Make use of mulch

Mulch is notorious for being nutrient rich for plants, but that’s not the only benefit it provides. Did you know adding mulch can shield your soil from the intense summer sun? When you add the extra layer of protection, you will keep your soil cool and help your plants retain moisture. Our plants will stay hydrated for longer and withstand the day’s heat better.

3. Shelter plants against the scorching sun

While it’s true many native Australian plants can survive the heat, not all plants are as sturdy. Fruit trees, certain shrubs, vegetable patches and vines all need protection from the blazing sun. The same goes for young plants and potted plants whose containers can overheat.

Take care of your plants by keeping them as cool as possible by providing extra shade with cloth or fine netting. For potted plants and seedlings, place them under shady areas of trees till the hot weather persists. This way, they won’t dry up due to the intense heat.

4. Don’t cut your grass too short

When doing landscape maintenance in Sydney during the summers, you need to mow your lawn extra carefully. The grass should be kept at a certain length, above 25 mm to be exact, for its protection. If you cut any shorter than that, the blazing sun damages the grass, leaving it vulnerable to weed infestation.

Remember to always mow only one third of the grass with sharp blades. This will minimise the stress on your grass and your lawn will stay healthy throughout the season.

5. Avoid overwatering

It’s a common mistake to assume your garden needs everyday soaking during a dry summer. In reality, this practice causes more harm than good, as too much water is damaging in several ways. Not only can overwatering prevent strong root system development, but it can also easily kill your plants and grass. So, give your garden a good soak only twice or thrice a week.

Enjoy the flourishing flora and fauna and maintain the natural beauty of your garden during summer.

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