4 Crucial Commercial Garden Maintenance Services Your Property Needs!

4 Crucial Commercial Garden Maintenance Services Your Property Needs!


You’ve taken the first step in your journey to a gorgeous garden that grabs attention, makes a killer first impression, increases your property’s value, and your employees’ productivity.

Your next step is knowing which commercial garden maintenance services are especially essential for your commercial property to enjoy these benefits – besides the basics of course!

Well, keep calm and read on, because that’s precisely what you’ll learn in this blog.

#1 Special Attention For Sprinklers

Simply put, regular irrigation inspections and maintenance is essential for any landscape to thrive!

They are the veins of your garden, pumping life throughout your feature foliage and keeping your lawn luscious and green.

Like veins, your sprinkler system is a complicated, interconnected network that needs special attention to ensure your entire landscape is getting the water it needs.

Not only that, but irrigation systems are essential for conserving water (and money) by watering evenly where and when it’s needed.

If one component were to fail, it could take days before you notice. And, by then, it’s already too late – especially as temperatures begin to rise in Sydney!

#2 Don’t Forget Your Hardscaping!

Whether you’d like to welcome prospects in with stunning scenes or create a relaxing space for everyone to enjoy, you need pristine, practical, and level pathways and driveways.

To protect your prospects from trip hazards (and your pricey plants from being trampled), you’ll need regular maintenance for loose or raised paving and concrete.

And for a first impression that embodies professionalism, you’ll also need periodic power washing and resealing to keep them looking as good as new!

At Sydney Garden Maintenance & Landscaping, we know the importance of practical, yet appealing hardscaping. Using our attention to detail and industrial-grade equipment, your prospects or tenants will enjoy stunning, spotless, and level hardscapes, while you enjoy peace of mind.

#3 Frequent Fertilising

As winter wanes, you’ll likely be planting new life in your commercial garden.

And if you’re only just started your journey, you’ll be planting a plethora of new seeds and building new beds!

Now is the time to get your landscaper to fertilise your new foliage and add rich nutrients to your beds after the harsh winter months.

New plants, in particular, will need frequent fertiliser services to help them grow!

But, even your existing plants will benefit from a boost, helping tree growth and continually blooming flowers.

#4 Timely Trimming

From trees to hedges, bushes, and beyond, timely trimming services are essential!

Although this won’t be as frequent as lawn mowing services, regular pruning is crucial to keep their shapes neat and tidy, prevent prospects from being clothes-lined by stray branches, and to help them thrive.

Not only that, but trimming and pruning also prevent overgrowth from blocking views, pathways, and damaging cars!

And if you hire a specialist landscaper, you’ll be able to get tactical with trimming. You can create custom shapes or even walls using hedges.

Now that you know which commercial garden maintenance services you need to succeed, it’s time to find your local leading landscaping company!

Enter Sydney Garden Maintenance & Landscaping.

Whether office blocks or a commercial security estate, our passion for plants and professionalism drives us to add real value to any commercial landscape we breathe life into!

Contact us today and let us transform your landscape stress-free.