3 Signs Your Landscape Urgently Needs The Help Of A Residential Landscaping Company

3 Signs Your Landscape Urgently Needs The Help Of A Residential Landscaping Company

When lockdowns were in full swing, DIY endeavors became the go-to remedy for boredom and too much time on our hands. Some took to baking, others home improvement, and several decided to try their hand at gardening and landscaping. If you found yourself reinventing your landscape during lockdown, you’re might be in a bit of a pickle that only a residential landscaping company can fix.

Now that restrictions have lifted, and life is somewhat back to ‘normal,’ there’s little time to monitor, maintain, and tend to your landscape! Our residential landscapers have already dealt with several jobs for this very reason. However, letting go is never easy, and you may be unsure if it’s even necessary. So here are three signs that signify it’s time to call a residential landscaping company to help with your landscape!

#1 Obvious Overcrowding

Unless you love that overgrown jungle look, less is more when it comes to landscaping. And even if you do prefer a dense garden, you also have to consider whether your plants do! Overcrowding screams poor planning and neglect in most cases, but more worrying is the effect it has on your plants and water bills.

Overcrowded plants will have to fight for water and sunlight. The stronger species will leach most of the water, while the larger ones will leave the rest shaded. If you notice browning and withering in your overcrowded landscape, a residential landscaping company will be able to help through damage control and strategic transplanting based on species and harmony.

#2 Nagging Neighbours

Although it may seem petty, the look, feel, and pricing of a neighbourhood is based on the collective aesthetics of the properties within it. Sure, your home is your own. However, you are part of a community that seeks to be proud of its beauty, value, and standards. And if your neglected or struggling landscape starts to impact this image, your neighbours may start to complain – especially if they are trying to sell their home!

This is a sign that, although you may have had the best intentions, you may have bitten off more than you can chew – and people are starting to notice. A residential landscaping company can help you breathe life back into your landscape and transform it into something that everyone can be proud of. They will also be able to offer helpful tips and maintenance schedules to keep it that way.

#3 Discolouration And Disease

Discolouration and disease on trees and plants can be caused by several culprits, from under watering to overwatering, pests, fungus, bacteria, and beyond – and both are a sign that you need professional help ASAP! The problem here is that the longer you leave it, the worse it becomes and the higher the chance for irreparable damage.

With no time to inspect each torn, diseased, spotted, or splotched leaf and delve into research for causes and remedies, a residential landscaping company is your best bet! They will be able to identify the cause and solution the moment they see your landscape, and will remove, replant, or remedy where necessary.

If you’re dealing with any of these signs, contact us at Sydney Garden Maintenance & Landscaping – leading companiny of residential landscaping in Sydney!

Our team of landscapers boast an intimate understanding of exotic and native plant species, as well as the delicate climate found within Sydney. We will revolutionise your landscape without exceeding your budget, creating harmony between plant and animal species alike.

Whether you need guidance, a maintenance program, or a complete transformation, contact us today to book a consultation!