3 Serious Signs Your Lawn Needs Professional Lawn Maintenance Services

Signs Telling Your Lawn Needs Professional Lawn Maintenance Services

It’s no secret that just about every Macquarie homeowner often has struggles keeping their lawn well maintained across the seasons. Its warm, wet summers and cool winters pose several problems that require time-consuming effort that hardworking homeowners tend not to have.

Professional lawn maintenance services are the lifeline that these busy-bodies so desperately need, offering customisable packages that care for your lawn in different ways depending on the time of year.

If your schedule is chaotic, then lawn maintenance services are your golden ticket to a lush lawn and that mystical thing they call ‘free time.’

But, how can you be sure your lawn needs some TLC? Here are three serious signs it needs it now.

#1 Browning Grass

Brown grass is dying grass, and is a sign your lawn needs urgent maintenance!

Whether due to a lack of water, nutrients, or care, your grass is dying for special attention. Professional landscapers will be able to diagnose the cause and treat it with the right tactic.

If you simply don’t have enough time or tools to water your whole lawn regularly, they can easily install a sprinkler system to get the job done for you – automatically.

If you lack nutrient know-how, they can offer expert recommendations and provide regular or sporadic fertilising services, depending on how often it’s needed.

#2 Drainage Dilemmas

If you notice standing or pooling water on your lawn after rains or watering, then your lawn isn’t draining properly. This can cause destructive soil erosion, cause root rot, and even damage your foundations if left unattended.

This is a sign that your soil is highly compacted or was not properly prepared before your lawn was laid or seeded.  Luckily, there is a solution!

Professional lawn maintenance includes aeration services, which involve using special tools to create systematic holes in your lawn. This allows more air, nutrients, and water to reach your lawn’s roots, improving drainage and encourages worms.

#3 Wild Weeds

If your lawn has become overrun with weeds, it’s already too late to take up arms yourself. This is a sign that your busy schedule has taken its toll, and your lawn will suffer immensely without professional help ASAP.

Weeds are nutrient-hungry and ruthless. Not only can they start to soak up the lion’s share of sunlight, but they suck nitrogen, potassium, and other essential lawn ‘food’ directly from the soil.

Without this ‘food,’ your lawn is vulnerable to disease and pest infestations. And although herbicides are readily available, choosing the wrong one or misapplying it can ruin your lawn for good.

Lawn maintenance experts have access to a range of different herbicides and trade secrets that allow them to obliterate the weeds, without damaging your lawn or surrounding landscape too.

If your lawn is suffering from any one of these signs, then it’s time to find a local Macquarie landscaping company that offers residential lawn maintenance services.

Sydney Garden Maintenance & Landscaping offers precisely that – and much more. These landscapers are renowned across Sydney and surrounds for their intimate understanding of the unique local climate. With these insights and the highest quality, natural products, you will enjoy a strong, healthy lawn that withstands our worst weather conditions.

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