Top 3 Reasons You Should Invest In Residential Landscape Design Services

Why You Should Invest In Residential Landscape Design

Designing a landscape seems so easy – until you’re ready to start. There you are, staring at your barren backyard, wondering which plants to plant and where to plant them. You have a thousand ideas but no clue about how to bring them to life. That’s where residential landscape design services come in. You will have access to specialist landscapers and horticulturists that consider your area’s size, spacing, and where to strategically plant your plants to maximise their health and visual appeal.

They will also take into account blooming seasons, grading, drainage, and maintenance requirements. Not only that, but your hardscapes will also be considered to ensure both flow and function. But I’m getting ahead of myself here. Let’s take a look at the concrete benefits you’ll enjoy from residential landscape design services!

#1 Year-Round Yard

With experienced horticulturists in your corner, you’ll be able to design and enjoy a landscape that thrives all-year-round. Several seasonal blooming plants will be planted according to their season, ensuring that you can enjoy rich, vibrant colours no matter the season. Shade structures will be erected and tall plants planted to offer shade during our scorching summers to protect those plants that can’t handle them well. On top of that, pest prevention methods will be implemented, including companion plants, to stop infestations before they happen.

#2 Protect Your Privacy And Accentuate Your Views

Professional landscapers will help you plan out your landscape strategically. Rather than planting without thinking and having to re-do sections later, you can save your money and enjoy plants that hold purpose. For example, hedges, bushes, and trees can be planted to cunningly protect your privacy by blocking your neighbours’ view of your home.

On top of that, the right species can be chosen based on their mature size to ensure your scenic views aren’t blocked too. Plants can also be used to protect your property from the elements, such as a line of dense trees that act as both a wind and sound barrier.

#3 Minimal Maintenance And Extra Eco-Consciousness

Professional landscapers will design a landscape that makes your maintenance smarter, not harder, while helping to protect our planet too. By choosing the right plant species, you can create soil that has a high concentration of nutrients, thus requiring less costly amendments and fertiliser. They will also recommend plant species that help to make our air cleaner and more oxygen-rich, such as the South African variant of spekboom. They can also help you create ‘no-mow’ areas or ‘rain gardens,’ both of which will help to filter water and reduce the amount of maintenance your garden needs.

If you’d like to have access to such a wealth of practical horticultural knowledge from local specialists who understand the macro and micro-climates of Sydney and surrounds, come to Sydney Garden Maintenance & Landscaping. When it comes to residential landscape design, we exceed expectations – not budgets!

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