3 Most Common Lawn Maintenance Mistakes Most North Shore Residents Make

Common Lawn Maintenance Mistakes that North Shore Residents Make

Mistakes are how we learn in life. However, when it comes to lawn maintenance, it’s best to try and avoid them completely as they can be particularly costly. This is especially true in climates like the North Shore, where summer temperatures are already putting your lawn under huge stress. One maintenance mistake could cost you an entire section of lawn.

Luckily, we at Sydney Garden Maintenance & Landscaping are the North Shore’s local garden maintenance specialists. We’ve helped countless homeowners fix their mistakes and learn from them – and we can do the same for you! Here are three of the most common lawn maintenance mistakes we’ve dealt with.

#1 Planting Before Testing

Surprisingly, nurturing a gorgeously green garden is not as simple as planting and watering. You need to understand your unique landscape and how rich your soil is for specific plants. When it comes to your lawn, for example, your soil needs a pH of about 6-6.5. Otherwise, it won’t thrive. Take a sample of your soil and send it to your local extension service to be tested. Or, get a pH testing kit from your local nursery to test it out yourself. If your pH is wrong, you will need to add lime or sulfur to raise or lower your pH respectively.

#2 Mowing Too Low

If you mow your lawn too short, you’re going to stress it out. This will severely limit your lawn’s ability to absorb the sun’s rays, preventing proper photosynthesis through its leaves to make food and grow healthily. This is especially dangerous in the North Shore’s scorching summer temperatures, as your lawn is already under huge stress. You could damage its root system indefinitely!

#3 Watering Too Much

This can be difficult. Sure, water is essential for your lawn to look luscious. However, too much of a good thing is true here too. If you overwater your lawn, it will begin to rely on this consistent food source. It won’t develop the deep root system needed to access the water naturally available deep in the ground. It’s also quite expensive considering the excess water isn’t necessary.

As soon as you stop watering as much, your lawn won’t be able to access groundwater and may start to die off. So, you’ll have to keep up with this costly regime for your now needy grass.

As you can see, it’s very easy to make mistakes when maintaining your lawn. And considering the North Shore’s climate is so harsh, they can be quite costly. If you’re already suffering from one of the above maintenance mistakes or are confused about how you can avoid them, come to the grass-gurus at Sydney Garden Maintenance & Landscaping!

We can easily remedy these mistakes, breathing life back into your lawn and personal oasis. We can also develop custom lawn maintenance on the North Shore regime that fits your schedule and gives you the time you need to focus on your daily responsibilities.

Contact us now to develop a lawn maintenance plan and get a free estimate!