3 Low Maintenance Gardening Tips From The North Shore’s Garden Gurus

Maintenance Gardening Tips From The North Shore’s Garden Gurus

Gardening is good for the soul – not the schedule, unfortunately. This is especially true in the North Shore, where most residents are busy from dawn until dusk with work and their daily life responsibilities. However, although time is scarce, a well-maintained garden is essential if you want it to thrive all-year-round. That’s where Sydney Garden Maintenance & Landscaping comes in!

As the North Shore’s local gardening-gurus, we have the expertise you need to succeed without spending your personal hours in your garden all day. Not only can we manage your landscape for you, but we also have three helpful low-maintenance gardening tips that will help you get your daily dose of nature without impacting your schedule too much. Let’s take a look!

#1 No-Dig Or No-Till Garden Beds

Mother Nature doesn’t turn the soil, and yet in nature plant will flourish and grow healthily. The reason is simple – digging or turning your soil kills all the beneficial microorganisms and fungi that act as the microscopic foundations of life. Rather than digging up your soil every season, start your beds by digging deeply and adding compost to the topsoil and mulching regularly with organic matter.

The mulch will protect your soil from erosion, help it retain moisture, and suppress weed growth. Composting will help to feed all the microorganisms that help your plants absorb nutrients. The result? Nutrient-rich soil teeming with life – and no time and labour-intensive digging!

#2 Take Advantage Of Self-Seeding Annuals

Self-seeding plants are the natural world’s ‘set-and-forget’ darlings. These low-maintenance miracles will drop their seeds themselves just before they die, ensuring that they germinate the following season without your help. This means that, regardless of your involvement, these plants will thrive, die, and return to your garden every year – while you sit back, relax, and watch! Some of these include forget-me-nots, Primula malacoides, and marigolds.

#3 Have An Automated Irrigation System Professionally Installed

Watering is a daily responsibility if you want a lush, green garden. However, with an automated sprinkler system, it doesn’t have to be! Professional landscapers can easily design and install a system such as this, including a timer and rain sensor to prevent overwatering when the rains come. This will allow you to enjoy your garden, and even give it some TLC in your breaks, without having to spend an hour or so a day giving the whole space water.

As you can see, gardening and maintenance don’t have to be a time-consuming chore. In fact, it can become an oasis that requires no work or TLC at all if you rely on garden maintenance in Sydney ! As the North Shore’s local landscaping specialists, we will use our intimate understanding of the macro and micro-climates, as well as the plant and animal species, to create and maintain a garden that thrives all-year-round and invites birds and bees – all while you sit back and enjoy it!

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