Our Landscapers Reveal 3 Landscape Solutions For Problem Areas In Your Garden

3 Landscape Solutions For Problem Areas In Your Garden

Almost every landscape has problem areas; there’s just no getting around it. Whether an especially rocky section, a steep slope, or a heavily and inevitably shady spot, these spaces can leave even the most experienced gardener feeling overwhelmed trying to find solutions. The weather can also exacerbate these problems, especially in drought-prone areas like Australia.

Keep calm and read on! Our commercial landscapers in Sydney have decided to reveal their trade secrets and break down some helpful landscape solutions to tackle problem areas! Let’s take a look at what you can do for three common problems.

Rocky Areas

Sometimes, you’ve just got to go with the flow. In this case, rather than removing the rocks and delving into a complete landscape makeover, you could have professional landscapers incorporate a rock garden design into your existing landscape. Not only does this add visual interest, but it acts as a natural landscape solution that is more likely to be successful and easily maintained.

Rock gardens are absolutely stunning and offer endless opportunities for placing rocks in decorative patterns. It also lends well to succulents, which add vibrant colours and textures. This is especially true if you live in a drought-prone area. Our landscapers often recommend planting a rock garden on flat land with crevices and water-wise, drought-tolerant plants to form a xeriscape. This reduces the need for irrigation and helps in retaining water.

Steep Slopes Or Erosion

In this case, the solution for your landscape could be having landscapers import rocks to create a rock garden! These gardens truly are a low-maintenance, attractive, and cost-effective solution to various landscape issues. It will aid in retaining the soil and reduce the amount of erosion.

However, rock gardens aren’t for everyone. If that’s you, then consider asking your landscapers about which ground cover could be planted to prevent erosion while offering visual appeal. We recommend working with your slope by tiering it with retaining walls to make your slope a more manageable planting area and eliminate erosion.

Drainage Problems

Are you dealing with drainage problems that result in excess water runoff flooding certain areas? Then we have an effective landscape solution for you! If the areas you’re worried about soaking with water, making them unusable or threatening your home’s foundation, we would usually install a French drain. It’s a natural, logical, and affordable solution to wet areas.

If the problem is not necessarily the water, but your desire to plant in a soaked area that plants just don’t seem to thrive in, we would recommend planting wetland species of vegetation. These plants will love the bogginess of the soil and flourish across the seasons.

When faced with finicky terrain, you don’t have to feel alone. We at Sydney Garden Maintenance & Landscaping have a wealth of landscape solutions and services to help you conquer each challenge!

With years of experience under our belt and an intimate understanding of the unique Australian climate, we will help you transform your landscape to thrive no matter the season, species, placements, and maintenance needs.

Hire commercial landscapers in Sydney today to discuss your worries or book a consultation on 043 411 3750 so that we can see for ourselves!